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Unfortunately, students are often seen as easy money for scammers, and this applies to the proofreading services too. Many have lost money they could ill-afford to lose in paying for services that at best could be called ‘disgusting.’ This is made worse when the student or business does not have English as its first language so has no idea what is wrong with the document. It may be a flow, certain words used that are not indigenous to English-speaking countries or simple spelling and grammar  mistakes, but the paper is worthless, as mistakes in the copy means to many potential clients that the business makes mistakes too or is too careless to worry.
With the internet swarming with dozens of proofreading services and each one claiming to be the best – How can anyone possibly decide? Here at Proofreading-guide.org, you will find unbiased reviews based on proofreading services to help you find the right one. These reviews are not some cheap shot at marketing but are opinions and honest remarks of students who have dealt with such services and want to help others looking for guidance in this regard.
Students are best at reviewing these services, as many of them have to use them frequently on their way through their degree. Businesses too should make use of proofreaders, as they are the final icing on the cake to make the copy run perfectly.
Transparency is very important when you wish to decide on an excellent service for proofreading your document. Here, all kinds of good and the not-so-good reviews are available so that students are aware of the credibility and popularity of each site before they sign up for their services. Thanks to these reviews, students never have to worry about being ripped from by scam sites or fall trap to hidden charges at some of the pricier services.