Editage.com Review

Editage aims to help authors publish their work with confidence. The site has more than 12 years of experience in 515 diverse disciplines. The site takes pride in the fact that over 70,000 publications have been made in internationally reviewed journals with the help of Editage Online editing service. The site specializes in providing premium editing services in the field of research papers that are to be published. The high quality and precise editing helps the researcher in the research on different stages. Sometimes, the researchers are able to get feedback even after their work has been submitted or published.

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Editing Services

The editing is highly intensive almost to the point of being recursive until the very last imperfection has been erased from the document. Such editing increases the chances of the paper being accepted for publication. The clients can choose from three different packages:

1. Platinum Package
2. Gold Package
3. Silver Package

Advanced editing service includes and offer in which the client gets detailed editing based on the norms and principles of English language to produce a paper that flows like Native English ones.

Proofreading is done to ensure that the basic level language, spelling and grammar check is done to release a complete error free manuscript

Publication Support is a high valued pack which offers premium editing and a high-quality peer review from a renowned member of the academia prior to the submission of the paper.

Budget pack allows the clients to get the essential assistance for publication and save their time too.

Editage Customer-first approach

Editage puts the client first in everything they do. With their top class academic editing, proofreading and support for publication, a complete support goes on with the writer at every stage of the publication cycle. Customer service has the following features:

  • Industry experts have established this customer support
  • Customer service is available in 6 different languages
  • Free consultation of the client with the editor
  • 24/7 access to the client’s paper

Customer Service also keeps track of orders and ensures that the client is always on the same page with the editor.

Pricing System

The prices are given based on the client query form. There is a price calculator available at the Editage website which the clients can benefit from along with different payment options. Regular clients can also sign up for a prepaid annual package.

Job Delivery

The site shall only mark an editing assignment delivered when it is able to meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • Editage Online ™ account contains an email notification which confirms the delivery of the job and/or the client’s registered email account
  • The client’s email has an attachment of the edited file
  • In the case of large files, the clients also receive the FTP details with the job delivery notification

Quality assurance

Clients who choose Editage are not taking a risk but are safe in the knowledge that their document is in the most professional hands. The client has the guarantee that with every article, paper and document, the client gets top quality assurance:

  • Delivery right on time every time with 100% quality guarantee
  • A certificate to attest to the fact that the document meets the standards of international publications
  • Editors who are Ph Ds, BELS and MDs are given subject wise editing assignments
  • Privacy, security and confidentiality based on ISMS certification system