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The proofreaders on this site are native to the English speech, and they are qualified as highly as can be, with most being master-degree level trained at various UK Universities. The director is well-educated in her subject, being the possessor of a master’s degree in Journalism. Her experience as a professional proofreader dates back to 2005.

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Englishproofread.com will help the client avoid writing text that not only wastes time by not imparting any knowledge, but also to ensure his website text is without grammar problems or errors in syntax. Repetitive wording is also a nuisance to potential customers or viewers, as is incorrect spelling and usage of words. Get their help in making the text run smoothly, which will give the clients brand message clearly.
If a client does not like the changes that englishproofread.com make, they can use the Microsoft Word track changes usage to make further changes or return to the original words. If part or his entire sentence is not readily understandable, the comments facility is employed so as to bring these parts to his eyes. The proofreader may also use this facility to suggest changes. This is also one of the customer support mechanisms.
The client may be asked to deliver the document in British English, or American English and englishproofread.com will check the document stringently to ensure the syntax, grammar, and wording is correct. They will also correct the flow and ensure that any use of words relevant to the country, whether English or American, are spelt right.


Prices vary. There are three speeds that can be requested for manuscript proofread in 24 hours, 48 hours, considered fast and 96 hours. For the 3 options, it will depend on the length of manuscript, but an example of the 24-hour process is 1,000 words in 24 hours = 15 pounds. The clients can use a fee calculator on the site to estimate how much they will pay. They can discuss special rates for their proofreading if the document to be read is longer than 30,000 words, or they are going to need a lot of documents regularly proofread.


This is, usually, the standard 24, 48 or 96 hours the client has paid for. The clients can discuss their needs and see what can be arranged for them. The standard is Under 30,000 words and it will be delivered back to the client within 96 hours. Englishproofread.com guarantees this.
Quality and Guarantees: englishproofread.com guarantees the return of document in the time the client has selected, paid for and submitted their document. They also give extremely high quality, by showing their clients better word usage, cleaning their text and making suggestions that they may wish to follow to make their text even better.