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General info about the site

Proofreading service has been working to remove embarrassing errors from papers or documents. The Editing service involves correcting grammatical and spelling mistakes in the document and improving the overall quality. The proofreading and the editing offers are packaged in a combined service to lower costs. Proofreading is done at the final stage of the document review to check for errors and mistakes before it is sent back to the client. The service also checks the document flow, sentence structure, tone and overall style.

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Website Proofreading Service

The editors and web experts provide top notch proofreading services to a number of large websites run by educational institutes or corporate organizations. The client can see the portfolio of such sites at the website proofreading service website. There is a page dedicated to website proofreading services, and the clients can peruse it to find out how the service works.

UK English proofreading and editing Service

There are many editors in the team of proofreading service who are native UK English speakers and are experts in this language.  For clients who would like the editors to review their documents or research papers based on UK English rules, norms and grammar/spelling conventions, they simply need to mention this fact in the Special Instructions when they place order.

Customer Service Support

Users can contact the customer service via email, phone or email query.

Prices/Rates of the proofreading service

  • 24 Hours $9.29/250 w
  • 36 Hours $9.29/250 w
  • 48 Hours $6.99/250 w
  • 72 Hours $5.99/250 w
  • 5 Days $5.29/250 w
  • 7 Days $4.49/250 w

The service rates are low and affordable without compromising on the quality. The rates are enough to allow the service to hire the world’s top editors. The years of experience allows them to maintain balance between pricing and quality.

Delivery of finished paper

The final reviewed document is sent to the client via email. The editors keep track of all the changes made to the document with the help of the feature of track changes in Microsoft Word. A similar feature is also used for PDF documents. This allows the client to review the changes that the editors have made and help them understand how the document has been modified to benefit them.

Quality/Precision Check

The client needs to select his or her area of expertise before they can get in touch with the editor here. This helps to narrow down the requirements of the clients, and the editors have a better idea of the level of the academic paper.

  • Their team of editors is highly skilled and extremely qualified with the following traits:
  • Most of them have a master’s degree or even a doctorate to their name
  • Trained academics in technical as well as nontechnical domains
  • Authors who are expert in fiction and nonfiction
  • Native English speakers
  • Constantly undergoing evaluation, further training
  • Expert in all kinds of styles of referencing and bibliography.