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Sibia Proofreading is the brainchild of Dona Le and Erick Widman. Before founding Sibia Proofreading, the founder worked as a Corporate Counsel for Philips Corporation for five years back in Silicon Valley. He was also a teacher at a prestigious college in Budapest for a year. In 2005, Dona completed her graduation from Harvard University and then worked for two years as a member of paralegal staff at Morrison Cohen LLP. She then completed her M.Phil from Trinity College with distinction.

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Services offered by Sibiaproofing

Sibiaproofing is the best and the most recommended editing and proofreading service for students who need to editing assistance for their research papers, dissertation, essays or other papers. There are three kinds of services- Editing, Editing & proofreading and Proofreading. The clients can select from any of them depending on their requirements.

Are There Specific Documents Sibiaproofing Review?

Yes. They are very familiar with Microsoft Word, PDF, PowerPoint and documents done in text. They will also look at WordPerfect and Open Office text. When the editors examine PDF, they have a tool that delivers their suggested alterations and any comments show as ‘Sticky Notes’ at the top of the document. The client can contact if their document file is not in one of the forms shown here.

Customer Support

The site has a highly skilled and supportive customer service whose representatives are highly skilled in maintaining 100% client satisfaction Customers can discuss their issues with them, get in touch with their editors, ask for an earlier submission and make similar requests. The support is available 24/7 a day, 7 days a week so whenever there is a doubt, a problem or a query, the client can discuss with the support and find a quick and effective solution.


The price is largely based on the overall length of the client’s document. Delivery option, the time frame, the number of different service levels and the number of proofreaders and editors which the client
When a customer checks out at the site, they get 5% to 15% discounts on volume. Naturally, longer documents are more time-consuming and so the clients are requested to get in touch with the customer service to go over the exact details.
The site charges $10 for a manual invoice along with the automatic invoice which is sent to the client in the event of document delivery. The clients have the option to get an extra invoice by sending an email at

Delivery of finished articles at Sibia Proofreading

The site will return the completely reviewed paper or document to the client through the extremely secure and heavily encrypted portal. If the client prefers, the document can be sent to their email directly as well. The delivery can be made in less than 24 hours or sooner depending on the client’s requirements.

Guaranteed Editing and Proofreading Service

The site offers 100% customer satisfaction on every assignment. In case the client has an issue with the delivered document, they can discuss with the customer support, send an email or make a query by phone. In any case, the team shall resolve the problem, refund the client and sometimes provide free credit to the customer to use in their next order placement.